Can I File for Bankruptcy AND Keep My Home?

Can I File for Bankruptcy AND Keep My Home?

File bankruptcy and keep your home blogOne of the primary things that keeps people returned from filing bankruptcy and seeking debt relief they require is the worry that they are going to lose the home of theirs. They wish to dispose of the debt of theirs, though they do not want to get rid of the things they’ve built so far. Additionally, no one desires to lose the family home of theirs, whether they have only been in it a several years or maybe they have lived there for years.

Fortunately, filing for bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona does not have meaning losing the home of yours and winding up on the streets. Nevertheless, you will find more items to consider, therefore the response to whether you are going to be ready to keep the home of yours or maybe not in case you file for bankruptcy isn’t an easy “no.” or “yes” You will have to speak to a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer to discuss the finances of yours and also to know precisely how bankruptcy will influence you. But below are some basic suggestions to provide you with a simple knowledge of how bankruptcy works:

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy 

Chapter seven bankruptcy is widely known as a “liquidation.” It’s created to discharge your unsecured debts, like credit cards, private loans, and medical costs. It provides top debt relief.

Nevertheless, to qualify to file for Chapter seven bankruptcy in Mesa, you’ve to meet up with the “means test,” that examines your revenue as compared to the average in the region of yours, in addition to the additional sources of yours of financial assistance plus the property of yours. Your home is an enormous advantage, and of course, it could be governed by liquidation (or maybe sale) paying off the creditors of yours.

Which could make you think that you’d certainly lose the home of yours under Chapter seven bankruptcy. Nevertheless, you’re allowed to exempt the home of yours from such liquidation in case the equity doesn’t surpass a specific threshold. The amount varies based on the marital status of yours along with other factors, though it’s a generous limit. Most individuals won’t exceed the limit unless they’ve been paying on the house of theirs for a long time. Hence, you’ll probably have the ability to keep the home of yours in case you file for Chapter seven bankruptcy.

Chapter Thirteen Bankruptcy 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure

Man reads bankruptcy chapter 13 law in the office.

Chapter thirteen bankruptcy around Mesa is what’s referred to as a debt repayment program, that is much like a debt consolidation. The bankruptcy trustee examines the finances of yours and the debts of yours and decides what you are able to spend over a three to five year repayment period. At the conclusion of that moment, you might be ready to discharge some debt.

In case your home is in foreclosure, or even in case you’ve become really late on the payments of yours, filing for Chapter seven bankruptcy will not enable you to, but filing for Chapter thirteen might. Those late charges and payments may be incorporated in your repayment plan, assisting you to to obtain latest on the house of yours. You might be ready to fit a stop to existing foreclosure proceedings, or maybe you might have the ability to stay away from the danger of foreclosure. The answer is going to depend on what you owe, the revenue of yours, along with additional instances.

It is crucial you go through the funds of yours with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to completely understand the effect that bankruptcy is able to have. Your bankruptcy lawyer is going to explain not merely the way each chapter of bankruptcy is able to provide you with debt relief, but in addition the way it will influence all of the asses of yours, such as the home of yours. Your bankruptcy lawyer is able to work with you to develop the ideal strategy to get maximum debt help while simultaneously saving the house of yours along with other essential assets.

Our Mesa Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help

In case you’re imagining of filing Chapter seven bankruptcy or maybe Chapter thirteen bankruptcy, My AZ Lawyers are able to assist you. We will begin by helping you understand the the inner workings of bankruptcy and just how it is able to help the situation of yours. Next we will evaluate your financial circumstances to assist you know what you are eligible for and how bankruptcy may influence the assets of yours or maybe several other items. We will make suggestions which will capitalize on the debt relief you are able to get with the very least negative impact. Our Mesa Attorneys are dedicated to helping you get your funds back under control. Call us now to schedule an appointment with a seasoned bankruptcy attorney. We provide debt relief for people in Maricopa County including the cities of:  Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, San Tan, and Queen Creek.