Mesa, Arizona

If you are having financial difficulties and overwhelming debt and wish to file for bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona, you need to contact an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge in the bankruptcy practice area.  My AZ Lawyers will assist you in the bankruptcy process.  The attorneys will help you to determine if bankruptcy is the best debt relief for your financial situation, and if so, which type of bankruptcy would help you to achieve finaFotor020612047ncial success, or discuss and explain your options in the matter.


If you want to file bankruptcy in Mesa, AZ, A Mesa bankruptcy lawyer will help you through the bankruptcy process : (If you are unfamiliar with any of the following required steps in a bankruptcy, A Mesa bankruptcy lawyer from My AZ Lawyers would be glad to assist and answer any questions you may have.)

  • Bankruptcy Credit Counseling
  • Bankruptcy Act Means Test
  • Gathering paperwork
  • Filing Bankruptcy (Arizona exemptions, petitions and forms)
  • Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 requirements
  • Automatic Stay
  • Finding a Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Trustee is appointed
  • 341 court hearing (meeting of creditors)
  • Plan confirmation (for chapter 13)

There are many misconceptions about bankruptcy.  When an individual or business in Mesa runs into financial hardship, they consider bankruptcy when they are unable to pay their debts.  Bankruptcy is one of the ways out of an unmanageable problem.  If you have been trying but failing at keeping up on the monthly bills / payments, do not be discouraged. There is hope, and My AZ Lawyers will help you take control back of your life and plan for a successful financial future.

Many clients in Mesa, Arizona, believe that a bankruptcy will affect them negatively for the rest of their lives.  This is simply not true.  After wiping out debt and allowing yourself to start a new life with a clean financial slate, the impact of bankruptcy can be life-changing. The bankruptcy laws allow for an individual the opportunity to start anew without the burden of debt.

Filing bankruptcy in Mesa will provide yourself with the opportunity to re-start your life and free yourself of all or most of your debt.  If your home, car, assets… are at stake, let MY AZ LAWYERS work with you to get the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

For our clients in Mesa who do not have the money to pay their unsecured debts but keep getting harassed by creditors, a bankruptcy can immediately stop all creditor collections. My AZ Lawyers will help you throughout the filing process.  My AZ Lawyers know the Arizona bankruptcy law, and know how to protect you, your assets, and your right to a “new lease on life.”

Consult with a Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney and see how they can help you get that chance to take control of your financial situation, and get a chance to start over.   (480)263-1699


Located in the south-central portion of Maricopa County, Arizona, Mesa is the third-largest city in Arizona.  Mesa sits atop a plateau which overlooks the Valley of the Sun (Mesa is a Spanish word that means “tabletop”).

Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple

Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple

Depending on the amount of rain the desert gets, March in Mesa is usually the peak season for wildflowers.  Mesa and the surrounding desert comes alive with blooming wildflowers such as lupine, desert marigold, and Mexican gold poppy.  Also, from March through May cacti also bloom.  Prickly Pear, Saguaro, and the barrel cactus are on display in the desert landscape.Some popular natural attractions in Mesa include

  • Superstition Mountains
  • Apache Trail
  • Salt River
  • Verde River
  • Usery Pass
Superstition Mountains

Superstition Mountains

Falcon Field Airport was built in 1941 in order to train fighter pilots during WWII, and as families settled and tourism grew after the war, Falcon Field in Mesa has become a large U.S. airport.  Due to its desirable climate (313 days of sunshine a year!)  and strong economy, Mesa is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Also because of the nice weather that Mesa experiences year-round, Mesa is an ideal city for several major-league baseball spring training camps (Cactus League). The Chicago Cubs have their camp at HoHoKam Park in Mesa.

  • Located in Mesa is Dinosaur Mountain at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.  Also in Mesa is the Arizona Museum for Youth, which features hands-on activities and changing art exhibits. Some cultural attractions in Mesa:
  • LDS Mesa Arizona Temple (with Christmas lights in December)
  • Mesa Grande Ruins
  • Mesa Arts Center
  • Mesa Amphitheater
  • Mesa Historical Museum
  • Dobson Ranch Branch