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About the community of Awatukee, Arizona

UntitledBordered on the north by South Mountain Park and Guadalupe Road, on the east by the cities of Chandler, Guadalupe, and Tempe, and on the south and west by the Gila River Indian Community, Ahwatukee is a triangular shaped urban village of Phoenix, Arizona.  Due to its geographic isolation from the other 14 urban villages of Phoenix (which are located to the north), Ahwatukee is annexed by the city of Phoenix, but yet considers itself its own region. 

How did the city get its name?  According to legend, a “house of dreams” exist, built back in 1921 on the side of South Mountain.  After several years, the house’s name was translated to the Crow word for “house of dreams”.  “Ashe ammeewiawe” is the Crow translation, so it seems that Ahwatukee is the Crow-derived name for home that was first built in the town.

Dubbed “the world’s largest cul-de-sac”, Ahwatukee has few access points and is somewhat remote from the city of Phoenix, which it is a part of.

Because of its closeness to the South Mountain Park, Ahwatukee has many outdoor activity opportunities like hiking, baseball, soccer, and cycling.  Telegraphy Pass, Pima Canyon, and Beverly Canyon are popular trails in the area.  Cycling is popular on the Pecos Road.  Also, the village has three golf courses.