Turn a financial disaster into a financial success!

Fotor012816245What Bankruptcy Can Do For you Today

  • Put a Stop to the (endless) collection calls and harassment by creditors.
  • Put a Stop to all collection letters.
  • Put a stop to bank garnishments
  • Put a stop to all Lawsuits
  • Stop and resolve wage garnishments.
  •   Put a stop to any foreclosures, evictions, or repossessions.
  • Protect Your Home
  •   Preserve and keep your business
  • Eliminate dischargeable IRS Debt and Arizona State Taxes

**You may be able to discharge your unsecured debt through bankruptcy protection (credit cards, medical bills, unsecured debt, financial loans, lines of credit, personal loans, payday loans)

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Benefits:

The federal bankruptcy code is favorable for debtors who have difficulty paying their bills. If you decide to move forward with bankruptcy protection, you may reap the benefits which Arizona provides to its residents in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Debt relief from unsecured balances
  • A financial fresh start and clean slate
  •   An end to creditor harassment
  •   Your life back! 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing Disadvantages:

  • Some debts are non-dischargable in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (i.e. child support, alimony)
  • Luxury assets (such as a second home) could be liquidated in a Chapter 7